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Why ITB Podcasts?

As the World‘s Leading Travel Brand we have the content. We have the contacts. We have the community. Since 1966 ITB brings people from all over the world together and thereby unites an entire industry. And this is not only on a show floor, as one might assume. With the ITB Podcast series we want to bring global experts, trends, visions, strategies and measures as close and as accessible to the industry as possible.
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The Travel Hero Podcast

The Travel Hero Podcast features intimate talks with inspiring minds of the tourism industry. Big achievers, thrilling personalities – different formats reveal the souls behind big names and successful brands. Anecdotes, stories of success and failures, practical tips and above all trend topics like future mobility, climate change, disaster management, communities, travel technology, marketing and sustainability in tourism.

300 Seconds With…
“You’ve got 300 seconds - aaaand action!” This brand-new audio concept of ITB Berlin features experts of the tourism industry, answering a question on a hot topic in only 300 seconds. It may be a thought or an opinion, it may be a vision, it may be a piece of advice or it may be a personal story. Listen to the voices of the tourism industry in only 300 Seconds.

Deep Dives
In each Deep Dive episode, inspiring people and experts have their say, for example, to share new insights, give personal insights and talk about best practice examples. The topics? Unlimited but current! The duration? Likewise!

Blind Date Editions
The do not know who they’ll meet. The only know a common topic that they share. The guests of the Travel Hero Blind Dates meet for the very first time in front of the microphone. And we get to eavesdrop curiously on a blind date! A random meetup, leaving room for common ideas, laughs and inspirations, unexpected answers, turn-arounds and random think-alikes!

Voices of the tourism industry: Hear out what others have to say.


300 seconds with Dr. Sabine Maria Schmidt | Curator | Chemnitz Art Collections

Chemnitz- the capital of culture 2025 – is full of surprises. Dr. Sabine Maria Schmidt, curator of the Chemnitz Art Collections, tells you about forthcoming exhibitions in particular. In doing so, she answers the question: "What cultural treasures does Chemnitz offer as Capital of Culture 2025?"

Deep Dive: Is Sustainability the New Digital? | Lea Jordan, Co-Founder, & Willy Legrand, Professor, International University of Applied Sciences

This is a dive deep into sustainability and digitalisation. Recent natural disasters and severe weather events have increased the urgency to act. The tourism industry in particular has an enormous impact on global warming - so it is only understandable that we in this industry need to pay special attention to it. The last time the world faced a similar upheaval was with the digital revolution some 20 or 30 years ago.

Lea Jordan and Willy Legrand talk in this episode about the important concepts of digitalisation and sustainability. Together they will address the question "Is Sustainability the New Digital?".

300 seconds with Celina Distler| Sportlerin | Celventures

Entdecke das Erzgebirge auf dem Stoneman Miriquidi Road – folgt Celina Distler, einer jungen gebürtigen Fränkin, die ins Erzgebirge gezogen ist und von der Natur und vor allem den Bike-Tracks der Region ganz begeistert ist in unserer neuesten Podcast-Episode.

Auf dem Stoneman Miriquidi Road erlebte Celina 290 km pure Rennrad - Emotionen mit 2 Ländern, 13 Rampen und 4.900 Höhenmetern inmitten idyllischer Natur

300 seconds with Oliver Winter | CEO | a&o Hostels

On its way to becoming Europe's first zero-emission hostel chain, a&o Hostels is already looking at a "sustainability agenda" with more than 170 measures. There are, of course, obstacles to overcome in the process.
So we asked the CEO Oliver Winter: "What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?"

300 seconds with Simone Jacke | Director | Strandloper Boutique Hotel

"What does luxury in tourism mean when paired with authenticity and respect to location?”
Insights from a hotel director in Paternoster, South Africa.

300 seconds with Ayako Ezaki | Expert Coordinator | Tourism Declares Climate Emergency

"Tourism Declares Climate Emergency: How can you join this movement and how can businesses and individuals take action to reduce their carbon emissions and the like?"
Insights from an Expert Coordinator for Tourism Declares Climate Emergency

300 seconds with Katarina Thorstensson | Sustainability Strategist | Gothenburg & Co

"Gothenburg: a true pioneer in sustainability! What can we expect from Gothenburg as 2020 European Capital of Smart Tourism in terms of sustainability, Mrs Thorstensson?" Insights from a Sustainability Expert, Gothenburg, Sweden.

300 seconds with Marc Sanderson | International Economic Development Director & European Capital of Smart Tourism Spokesman | City of Malaga, Spain

"How does the 2020 European Capital of Smart Tourism Malaga approach digitalisation and will this be the future of tourism after COVID-19?" Insights from the International Economic Development Director & European Capital of Smart Tourism Spokesman, City of Málaga, Spain.

300 seconds with Lea Jordan | Co-Founder & Head of Marketing |

"Are there new trends in digitisation evolving in the travel and hospitality industry right now? And if so, which trends are we talking about exactly?" Here are valuable insights on trends by industry expert Lea Jordan.

300 seconds with Dhruv Bhatia | Founder & CXO | Live From Earth Media

"How can tour operators and travel agencies prepare for the rise in global travel demand, and what role does digitalization play then?" Insights and tips from a forward looking creative agency."

300 seconds with Dr. Heike Döll-König | CEO | Tourismus NRW e.V. | Tourist Board North Rhine-Westphalia

"North Rhine-Westphalia: trendsetter, creative and inspiring – what does the region have in store for urban explorers and city lovers?" Join this 300 second audio tour through the urban areas of North Rhine-Westphalia.

300 seconds with Keta & Beqa Goletiani | Co-founder “Spend Four Seasons in Georgia” & Regional Athlete and Sports Marketing Manager of Red Bull Middle East

"Sustainability and adventure travel: is it a dream come true in Georgia?" The Goletiani siblings from Georgia have the answer!

300 seconds with Veronika Hiebl | CEO | Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen mbH

"Mrs Hiebl, why is Saxony Germany's no. 1 cultural destination?"
Insights about a German state full of touristic highlights - this is the Official Culture Destination of ITB Berlin NOW: Saxony.

300 seconds with Matthias von Randow | Executive Director | German Aviation Association (BDL)

"How can global air transport get back on its feet, Mr. von Randow?“ Insights by an expert from the German Aviation Association on the future of air travel.

300 seconds with Ulrike Braun | Director Corporate Responsibility | DER Touristik & Matthias Beyer | CEO | mascontour

"Verändern Millennials das Reisen von morgen?" Die Antwort haben Frau Braun und Herr Beyer! Sie sprechen über Kernergebnisse einer Studie zum Reiseverhalten von Millinials (German only)

300 seconds with Richard Gray | Senior Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Greater Fort Lauderdale

"Dear Richard, what exactly defines LGBT+ travel and why is it so important for tourism providers to actively include all identities?" Insights on LGBT+ travel from Greater Fort Lauderdale.

300 seconds with Viktoria Urbanek | Travel Blogger | Chronic Wanderlust

"The life of a travel blogger in times of COVID-19 – what are the changes and chances, Viktoria?" Insights from a travel blogger and travel enthusiast.

300 seconds with Bastian Raschke | Head of Industry FMCG & Travel | Facebook

"Which forms of travel do Facebook user appreciate the most, Mr. Raschke?" Insights from Facebook, build technologies that help people connect with friends and family, find communities, and grow businesses.

300 seconds with Caroline Bremner | Head of Travel Research | Euromonitor

"What do you say, Ms. Bremner: Will we recognize the travel industry once COVID-19 is cured?" Insights from Euromonitor, the world's leading independent provider of strategic market research.

300 seconds with David Ruetz | Head of ITB Berlin

"The future of trade shows: where are we headed, Mr. Ruetz?" Insights from ITB Berlin, the World's Leading Travel Trade Show.

Blind Date: Communities | Ian Cumming, Travel Massive meets Philip Ibrahim, The Student Hotel

Ian and Philip didn't know they'd meet each other for this podcast episode but we knew exactly one topic that unites them: Communities! Out came a very open first meeting and some very useful insights on how to build and engage communities.